TLED Contents

What are TLED Contents?

TLED custom-made display contents that are installed on various architectures, buildings, and performance stages for cityscape, advertisement, performance, campaign, and events unlike common LED displays.

We provide contents that highlight the advantages of penetration with the merits of gap between each LED(pitch), visible range, optimized brightness, and transparent characteristics.

Because TLED can be applied widely limitless of places or shapes(rectangular, circular, cylindrical, three-dimensional), we can provide trendy and custom-made contents that leads the generation.

TLED contents come in different types such as TL-Art, TL-PR, TL-Info, TL-tainment to suit space and utilization.

TLED Contents Types

   TL – Art Content :  Media art contents for urban landscape, building exterior, and interior

Type 1

Art image type

       Create a classy and trendy atmosphere by graphic and digital art image or by existing art work image.

Actual image type

       Possible to plan various genres with a separately shot live-action video clips to suit TLED installed places and objectives.

Trick art type

       Contents with a combination of trick art can offer fun by illusion effects.

   TL – PR Content :  TLED display contents suitable for indoor brand advertisement and exterior building advertisement

Type 2

Digital signage type

       Exterior advertisement type by digital information display suitable for promotions and brand advertisements.

       Usage of whole or part of building exterior or indoor promotion of each shop is possible.

Landmark type

       Build a differentiated image from the surrounding landscape through content creation of overall building exterior.

       Can be recognized as a landmark of the city to public.

Type 3

   TL – Info Content : Contents suitable for information delivery at public and private institutions

Public information delivery type at public institutions

       Contents that can notify public information such as traffic, weather, tourism, and local events effectively by text and video images.

Information notice type at private institutions

        Contents that can notify information of private institution's(ex. schools and hospitals) needs such as announcements, events,

        and seasonal notices in a fast and easy way.

   TL – Entertainment Content : TLED contents suitable for performances, exhibitions, events, festivals, etc

Type 4

Art shelter type

       TLED itself could be a perfect contents as a video display or as an installed display type. TLED comes in various sizes and shapes so that it can be applied in various stages and interiors.

Stage design type

       Planned and designed from the stage design process in the form of stage device for performance and festivals.

       Creation of fantastic stage atmosphere through lighting play and video is possible.

Event customized type

       Separate contents are available for each purpose and various events such as corporate events, proposals, and seasonal

       promotions of private and public usage.

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