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CEO   Hyung Nam PARK

I am pleased to welcome you to our website.

We are living in the 21st century where a numerous amount of advertising medias have evolved over time. We dream of a splendid cityscape where imagination becomes reality.

Our innovative transparent LED displays are differentiated from traditional media facades and signage. With the transparent LED displays, we would like to become a pioneer that designs a new world - beyond simply decorating buildings and cities.

We have satisfied the clients assuring the best quality of our transparent LED displays based on our skills and technologies accumulated for a long time as well as the ongoing management innovation.

Taking pride in being a driving force in the growth and development of LED displays, we will commit to meeting the rapidly changing needs of our clients by developing competitive engineering capabilities. We promise to become a leader of the next generation creating new values and changes through continuous management innovation in compliance with ethical management policy.

We will continuously cultivate "Happy Memory" for everyone and grow into the No.1 leading company in the field of transparent LED displays.



- Microprocessor Firmware Coding

- PC Interface Program & GUI

- Mobile Interface Program & GUI

- Server Design & Storage Manager

- Network Solution (Ethernet, CAN, Comm)

- Memory Application (NAND Flash, DDR)

- Analog Sensing & Interface

- Circuit Design & Board Artwork

- Voltage, Current, Power Sensing

- Text, Graphic, TFT LCD Driver

- Touch Interface

- Motor Driver & Control

- Gas, Diesel Engine Protection & Control

- Auto Voltage Regulator

- Battery Charger

- Inverter Design









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